Does your ticketing infrastructure belong in a museum? 

Ticketing software so sophisticated you won't believe your eyes

Imagine your life after switching to Total Ticketing!
Imagine your life after switching to Total Ticketing!

Ticketing software often feels like a solution to yesterday's problems, ignoring the future needs needs of the ticket seller and the ticket buyer...

...until now.

Total Ticketing
is a best-in-class SaaS platform that lets venues, resorts and promoters disintermediate their ticketing sales, while gaining control of cash-flow, risks and data.

It is used, trusted and loved all over the world, from the newest 50,000-capacity national stadiums to integrated resorts – including most of Asia's largest entertainment-focussed casino properties.

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😎 Over TWENTY MILLION tickets sold since 2011!

Imagine your life after switching to Total Ticketing!
"Total Ticketing was able to devise new solutions and contingency plans which have been of tremendous value to our event. We were impressed with the entire team’s competency and professionalism, from planning, to execution and post event tracking. It was a pleasure working with them and they remain one of our trusted partners."

~ Anita Ko, Event Director, Hong Kong Jockey Club

Our clients

MGM Macau
HK Rugby Sevens
Hong Kong Jockey Club
Art Basel
Live Nation


Best-in-class ticketing software – with an attractive price tag

Industry professionals swear to us they've never seen anything like it. Total Ticketing’s incredible feature-set was painstakingly built up over ten years of working for some of Asia's largest attractions and entertainment complexes, and offers its users an incredible degree of flexibility.

You'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Fully audit-ready from day zero

Early clients included multi-site casinos, demanding highly complex accounting structures and granular levels of reporting and to comply with the highest commercial, financial and legal standards.

We never miss a sale

Our clients now include massive sports venues (like Kai Tak Sports Park) demanding “hot shows” and parallel on-sales with hundreds of thousands of near-simultaneous ticket sales.

  • The platform can integrate with all of your existing – and future – IT to ensure seamless operations across the board.
  • Data-driven decisions are easy when a single integrated display shows your operations team everything there is to know about your events, sales, attendees and venues.
  • You can rest easy knowing vital sales channels won't become unresponsive during a massive on-sale: our high-availability architecture will scale to meet the demand you throw at it.
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From the team behind Hong Kong’s Clockenflap festival

Disintermediate your ticket sales to reduce costs & generate new streams of revenue

Cut out the middle man! Bring your ticketing home, to not only eliminate fees paid to third parties, but also give you back full control over your cashflow. Cash is king, especially in the events space, so why let your ticketing supplier hold on to it until after your event?

And if you manage your own ticketing using our platform you can opt to charge attendees the handling fee, and thus entirely covering costs.

Own your customer relationships

Use Total Ticketing software to manage your ticket sales and not only will revenues be paid directly into your account but you will also regain ownership of relationships with your customers. There is little we don't know about the challenges of organising large events: Total Ticketing is the brainchild of the team behind the Clockenflap festival in Hong Kong. Our platform provides an elegant and versatile ticketing solution for everything from an intimate gig to a multi-stage mega-festival.

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It's time to switch to ticketing software built for the modern age

As a ticketing company you have had a hard few years. Depending where you're located, events are only just starting back up, organisers are pushing you for lower fees, and it's hard to retain staff. Costs are rising everywhere you look.

Why not avoid the cost and hassle of maintaining your own dev team – just so you can satisfy yet another obscure customer request – and make the switch to Total Ticketing?

With our transparent, per-ticket pricing structure, Total Ticketing will reduce, and simplify, your costs.

Our Agent Network will increase your sources of revenue by making tickets available through a very wide range of channels.

Our modern, user-friendly interface will slash admin costs and cut down the time it takes to onboard a new customer.

Your customers – across a wide range of industries and territories – sell tickets in a complex variety of different ways; what's more they expect you to understand and support this with no delay.

– Our software meets all of these diverse requirements head on. And if it doesn't... then we expand it

– Our Agent Network will make your tickets available through a wide range of new channels

– Our transparent, per-ticket pricing structure will reduce and simplify your costs

We are quietly confident we have the most feature-rich B2C ticketing platform on the market. Avoid the cost and hassle of maintaining your own software and make the switch to Total Ticketing.

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"The interface is easy to navigate and it has made our ticketing process more efficient than ever before. The team are responsive and handled our queries in a quick and friendly manner. Working with Total Ticketing has contributed significantly to reaching a wider audience, demonstrated by a significant increase in our ticket sales."

~ Phillipa Milne, Festival Manager, Hong Kong International Literary Festival

Seeing is believing

Large venue capable

Box office, contact centre, Kiosks, complex seating algorithms, role based hold codes, turnstile integrations, CRM and loyalty integrations.

Dynamic pricing

Granular control of availability and pricing through any channel dynamically responding to dates, sales quantities and promotions.

Real-time management

Manage every aspect of your ticketing yourself in real time, allowing you to respond immediately to changes required without needing support.


Create a unique branded site for each of your events, venues, or attrations, all controlled from one back end and with the ability to sell inventory across properties.

Build a network of sales channels

Agent system provides access to a network of travel agents and resellers providing endless ways of reaching your target customers whilst controlling credit limits and available quantities.

Best-in-class admission tools

Our unique scanning app lets you control entry/re-entry and complex admission rules, with full customer service capability. No network? No problem with our offline scanning solutions.

Data analytics

From a rich selection of inbuilt reports, to flexible dashboarding using Tableau, we put your data and resultant insights at your fingertips.


Increase sales through creation of packages using any combination of inventory, including tickets, vouchers, products and travel offerings.

Third party inventory

Our discovery service can be integrated with any 3rd party system's API to acquire inventory in real time to be sold alongside your own inventory.


We want you to judge us based on our customer service

We understand that your "on sale" can't be held up waiting for technical support to call you back.

It is our absolute commitment that you can phone, email, WhatsApp, or dispatch a carrier pigeon to us, any time you need to. And we will get to work on your issue.

"The interface is easy to navigate and it has made our ticketing process more efficient than ever before. The team are responsive and handled our queries in a quick and friendly manner. Working with Total Ticketing has contributed significantly to reaching a wider audience, demonstrated by a significant increase in our ticket sales."

~ Phillipa Milne, Festival Manager, Hong Kong International Literary Festival

Choose Total Ticketing if ...

... Your ticketing software belongs in the past

Our modern and constantly-improving system caters to the needs of today’s events and clients. Our on-boarding team can painlessly migrate everything to the new system.

... You are launching a new venue

We developed our incredibly feature-rich platform to meet the exacting requirements of integrated resorts. We are confident there is no ticketing use case it cannot handle.

... You don't want a 3rd party standing between you and your revenue

Disintermediate your sales and benefit from our simple flat-rate pricing. Your revenue is paid directly to you when your tickets are sold.

You might be wondering...

I hear that lots of ticketing companies can be unhelpful. What kind of after-sales support do you guys provide?
I have very obscure requirements. What happens if the Total Ticketing platform can't handle my needs?
What business management systems and other software does Total Ticketing integrate with?
I have been working with [insert incumbent ticketing co. here] for ages and I'm worried that switching providers will be chaotic. How can you help with this?
How secure is the Total Ticketing software platform?
My event is absolutely massive. Do you have experience ticketing large events or festivals?
I assume best-in-class ticketing software as richly-featured as Total Ticketing must also be very expensive. Is this the case?
Can I afford to make the switch to Total Ticketing?

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